Dear Reader, 

My name is Bud Force, and my mission is to tell stories that encourage good and bring light to important issues that need to be told. Our days are limited, and I hope that when I have finished living mine, I will have used my skills as a visual storyteller to help people in some way and hopefully have a positive effect on someone's life. 

A combination of new media and technological advances now allow for story content-driven content to be produced efficiently and effectively from the farthest reaches of the world all the way to my home town in Austin, Texas. 

I have spent the past 15 years crafting film, photo, and written works to hopefully share some important stories. 

Having grown up everywhere from the beaches of Guam in the Mariana Islands to the Sierra Nevada Mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe to the desert plains and rolling hill country of Texas; I attended university after a major bull riding accident ended my rodeo career. In 2007, I left any remaining idea of life in a normal working society and became a freelance photographer and writer. I entered the filmmaking arena in 2009 and have been working to tell stories since. 


If you've read this far, you might also be interested in my curriculum vitae for more technical information. 


share the efforts and struggles of those I thought whose stories should be told. And although I still produce and direct commercial content via my production company Ultralite Films, my personal primary focus is not to tell stories for the sake of telling stories, but to tell stories that actually help someone when the day is done - whether that means a hungry child eats a little more because someone watched a film and volunteered their efforts to plant a garden or someone simply feels inspired to give someone a friendly nod and handshake. 

Bud Force is an award-winning filmmaker and commercial photographer with specialties ranging from adventure and travel lifestyle to stylized composite imagery. Based in Austin, Texas, Bud and his team offer video production and photography around the globe. 

Bud brings a laid back, professional vibe to his sets and is an agile multimedia artist who is as comfortable in the remote wilderness as he is on large commercial productions. He is capable of working on land, water, or in the air; with work transcending organic-feeling imagery to stylized commercial lighting setups.

Raised in the Mariana Islands and American West, Bud is fond of wanderlust. He currently lives with his wife and daughter in a little house at the top of the Texas Hill Country.

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