Our second summit push on Mt. Hood, Oregon

Dr. Turk and I just returned from our second summit attempt on Mt. Hood. Unfortunately, we were thwarted by the mountain once again due to the ever turbulent Cascade Range weather. Forty+ mph winds, below freezing temperatures, and total whiteout conditions meant continuing would require 2600’ of additional ascent with instrument only glacier/crevasse navigation, including pitches potentially up to 65 degrees. We had climbed above Palmer by 3:30 a.m. and were making our ascent to Hogsback Ridge when we saw the headlamp of a guide and his clients. Yelling across the wind, he said he was taking his group back down the mountain although another small team ahead was continuing their push. Turk and I both have glacier and crevasse training/experience including a summit together of Pico de Orizaba, the tallest volcano in North America, but all mountains (and especially Hood) require the utmost respect. Therefore, we decided it was wisest for us and our climbing partner Matt to save this mountain for another day and better weather in the PNW.

Tough conditions climbing Mt. Hood
Navigating in a whiteout on Mt. Hood, Oregon.
Taking a break near Silcox Hut on Mt. Hood, Oregon - Bud Force